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Maypole runners 2015 update

June 30, 2015

The cast and audience of Thriller Live in the West End have raised a staggering £5273.63 for The Maypole Project, a charity that provides a lifeline of support for children with complex medical needs and they whole family.

The total donated by the generous audience members has been added to the funds raised by Thriller’s Head of marketing, Ginette Sinnott and friend-of-Thriller Emily Edwards, who ran their first marathon in April and raised a total of £7618.63.

Ginette and Emily said this of their experience “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to raise funds and run the Virgin London Marathon on behalf of The Maypole Project.

 Since the day that we found out that we had been chosen to represent them, the support has been immense, with constant advice, tips and encouragement from the team. On the day itself, the cheerers and drummers carried us through to the very end.

 We have been lucky enough to meet a number of families whose lives have been enhanced by the invaluable work carried out and have been honoured to be involved in such a worthy cause.

 There are over 195,000 registered charities in the UK and whilst each and every one undertake very necessary work, many of the larger charities get the headlines leaving the smaller charities with even bigger mountains to climb. Working with a smaller charity means that YOU can make a BIGGER difference and a personal one raising both funds and awareness.

 The training was long and hard and we would be lying if we were to say that at points, we didn’t want to quit. But the Maypole team was with us every step of the way and we knew that we could not and would not let them down.

 This has been the single most rewarding experience for each of us and we will continue to support and raise awareness and funds as much as we can.

If anyone reading this has considered running a marathon, do it! It is hard and it will take over your life but it will be worth every muscle aching minute. And if you decide to give it a go, run for The Maypole Project. You could not have a better team on your side.”

 The Maypole Project recently welcomed The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who paid them a special visit to support the charity and its work.

 Boris Johnson described the project’s services and achievements as “outstanding”. He said “This is an extremely worthwhile cause, helping sick and disabled young people to have fun, lead good quality lives and also get active through sports.”

The Maypole Project are recruiting budding athletes and fun runners to join ‘Team Maypole’ at various event throughout the year. Whether it’s your first ever running challenge with a 5k race or your 20th marathon, The Maypole Project will welcome you to the team!

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